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2016 Publication of the essay A VIEW OF THE SELF: WINDOWS AND PICTORIAL SPACE. A DISCOVERY IN PABLO PICASSO’S EARLY WORK in the exhibition catalague of the exhibition PICASSO. WINDOW TO THE WORLD, Bucerius Kunst Forum, Hamburg, ISBN 978-3-7774-2484-2
2015 Symposium Lecture A VIEW OF THE SELF: WINDOWS AND PICTORIAL SPACE. A DISCOVERY IN PABLO PICASSO'S EARLY WORK, Symposium "Picasso. Window to the World", Bucerius Kunst Forum, Hamburg
2014 Symposium Lecture THE ARTIST ESTHER HORN ABOUT HER VIEW OF PICASSO'S EARLY WORK, ACC gallery + Bauhaus university, Weimar, Germany
2012/13 Discovery in Pablo Picasso's early work and writing of the Essay A VIEW OF THE SELF: WINDOWS AND PICTORIAL SPACE. A DISCOVERY IN PABLO PICASSO'S EARLY WORK which inititated the upcoming exhibition PICASSO. WINDOW TO THE WORLD in 2016. In the context of the show symposium lecture and publication in the exhibition catalogue, Bucerius Kunst Forum, Hamburg, Germany
2010 Residency Stay, Lost Gen Space / Goethe Institut, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2008 Presentation of montanaberlin at ART SWAP EUROPE, Akademie der Künste, Berlin
2006 Co-Foundation (together with Christian Heilig) and Co-Curation of the Off Space and Art Project montanaberlin, Brunnenstraße, Berlin
2003/05 Lecturer for painting, Academy of Fine Art Münster
1992 M.A.
1986 Academy of Fine art Münster
1984 University of Münster / Studies in philosopy / German language and literature

grants / funding


2011 Sponsorship / Federal State Government Berlin for the Exhibition Project 'B/W_Borderline', montanaberlin, Helsinki, Finland
2010 Grant of the Käthe-Dorsch- und Agnes-Straub-Foundation, Berlin
Scolarship/Artist in Residence, Lost Gen Space, Goethe Institut, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2008 Sponsorship / Federal State Government Berlin for the Exhibition Project 'Light Strike', montanaberlin, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Sponsorship / Federal State Government Berlin for the Gallery Project montanaberlin
2002 Project Grant / Foundation 'Künstlerdorf Schöppingen', Germany
1997 Sponsorship / City of Münster/UNESCO for the Exhibition Project Münster (Germany)-Monastir (Tunisia)
1996 Studio Grant / City of Münster
1994 Scolarship / Federal State NRW, 'Cité Internationales des Arts', Paris

solo exhibitions (selection)


2014 Let's Call It Nature, Ahlers Gallery, Göttingen, Germany
WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU DON'T - A Journey, Würzburg Art Society, Germany
2010 SPLENDID ISOLATION, Ahlers Gallery, Göttingen, Germany
2009 Mean Shadow Of A God, (with Christian Heilig), DAC [de Simoni arte contemporanea] Gallery, Genoa, Italy
2008 INCIDENT AT A CORNER, Ahlers Gallery, Göttingen, Germany
The Dark Way, spor klübü, Off Space, Berlin
BLIND DATE, Margalef & Gipponi Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2007 Esther Horn. Painting, David Gallery, Bielefeld, Germany
2006 We, Two Dogs Slurping The Light Out Of the Puddles At A Deserted Gas Station. The Night With Feverish Yellow Towards The Highways And Qhe quickies, We Pee Them Blue, Ahlers gallery, Göttingen, Germany 1)
In The Still Of The Night, Neukölln Art Society, Berlin, Germany
Light Rider, montanaberlin, Off Space, Berlin
2005 Inbetween.World, Kunsthaus Gallery, Erfurt, Germany
2004 Esther Horn. Paradise, ArtForum Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca
2003 Esther Horn. Painting, Unna Art Society , Germany
1) Exhibition title after a poem by Andrea Heuser, Munich

group exhibitions (selection)


2016 HOW TO FIND TRUE LOVE AND HAPPINESS IN THE PRESENT DAY, curated by Sebastian Nebe, co-curated by Esther Horn, Bikini Berlin House, Berlin
CROSSWORDS 3, Lage Egal projectgallery //Jordan/Seydoux gallery, Berlin
"Ecstasy", Ahlers gallery, Göttingen
2015 THE LICHTENBEG STANDARD A4 landscape, Zwitschermaschine, Berlin
2014 23 by 23, Ahlers Gallery, Göttingen Germany
Satellite #4 PORTRAIT DRAWING IN SERIES, Axel Obiger Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Fake Rabbit. Dedicated to the 543. anniversary of Dürer, for example, Münsterland Gallery, Emsdetten, Germany (C)
2013 FAR AFIELD AND DEEP INSIDE Imagery of the night, Municipal Gallery, Fürth, Germany
TWILIGHT ZONE - RETURN OF THE SHADOWS, montanaberlin @ Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany
Rendezvous Des Amis, montanaberlin dates in a hotel / one night show /, Hotel Kaiserhof, Münster, Germany
Subversion & Abyss, Bewegung Nurr, Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany
2012 lineaRES, Symposium | Drawing, Manor Heinersdorf, Frankfurt/Oder, Germany
THE END screening/Finissage of the exhibition „Matthias Beckmann – The Visitor. Invitee: Hans Pfrommer“, Emmanuel Walderdorff Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2011 Rendezvous Des Amis, montanaberlin dates in a hotel / one night show /, art'otel, Berlin, Germany
B/W_Borderline, montanaberlin @ Espoonsilta Gallery / Temporary Off Space PERTIK, Tapiola/Helsinki, Finland
2010 Kuala Lumpur Dreaming, Annexe Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009 Llight Strike, montanaberlin @ Studio44, Stockholm, Sweden
To Remember Or What We Call History, The Collection of the WGZ Bank, Düsseldorf, Germany
2008 Adversial Absorption of BP, (invited by Ruppe Kosellek), F.I.T., Berlin, Germany
2007 Mindscape, montanaberlin@ARTRMX COLOGNE Vol. 01 “Where Is My Mind?”; Cologne, Germany (C)
2006 Model And Reality: Stop Making Sense, montanaberlin, Berlin, Germany
Model And Reality: The Adamant Accuracy Of The Coincidence, montanaberlin, Berlin, Germany
One, Two, Three, Ahlers Gallery, Göttingen, Germany
Deeply Superficial, montanaberlin, Berlin, Germany
Drawing Depicted, Kunstverein Ingan, Berlin, Germany
2005 Space Flight 3, Faust Art Center, Hannover, Germany
Paradise Wanted ?, Con-Sum, Düsseldorf, Germany
2004 Painting 04, Contemporary Positions in painting, Art Center Recklinghausen, , Germany(C)
Classy!, WGZ Bank, Düsseldorf, Germany(C)
2002 Hörster Fensterschau, Ü Gallery, Münster, Germany
Landscape, Schlieper Gallery, Hagen, Germany
2001 From Fritz Winter to Martin Kippenberger. The collection of the Westfalian Assurances, Museum of Münster, Germany (C)
Art Award 2000, Savings Bank, Magdeburg, Germany
Drawing Space, Artists in Residence Center, Dortmund, Germany
Image Area, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna, Austria (C)
A Gift for Münster, MunicipaI Gallery, Münster, Germany (C)
1998 The Schilden-Project, Hengelo NL / Glanerbrug, (C)
1996 In Transit, Art Center Lotharingerstraße, Munich, Germany (C)
1996 Spectacle '94, Museum of Dortmund, Germany
1993 Colour and..., Löhrl Gallery, Mönchengladbach, Germany (C)